Simple stuff about Aviation Wiki

Simple stuff about aviation wiki

Simple stuff about aviation wiki are the fandom of people interested in aircraft and aviation, making it easy, fun, and quick to discuss aviation and get information. You are all a team here and you are free to join and withdraw. Open minded and fair admins will always be there for your safty and security. Also tight rules and safe information will provide you the best cyber community in fandom. we wish you a good luck.

Extra Info

Connecting admins and other people will be very easy. Just click on their profile and go to the message wall! You can also contact them on community blogs or posts, also articles. Writing articles for other people, or by your self is easy. You can ask other people or search on fandom to gain knowledge and write articles. Its possible to contact them on Discord, Instagram, Facebook or any other kinds of Social media. Role plays about aviation are possible too. You can make your own groups and have fun. Any kinds of problems happening can be reported to admins immediatly. Admins are always there to help. If your up to make social media for just this community, then please go on. Thank you.


Plans and Updates will be posted at blogs or alt websites that are made and will be made just for this wiki. New information will be provided.

Admin Blogs! (HOT NEW)

User blog:Bird Aviator111/2022 Wiki plans